Top 10 tips for keeping your vehicle healthy

At 1800-My Mechanic, we understand how crucial it is to have your car in tip top condition, and we want to mitigate the risk of something going wrong. Even simple changes and fixes can go a long way towards helping you ensure your vehicle is healthy. Sometimes, there will be unavoidable occasions when you need a professional and efficient mobile mechanic on the Gold Coast, but we hope it isn’t too often! Our staff at 1800-My Mechanic have provided the following ten tips in the hopes that it helps you to maintain your vehicle in good working order. Whether your car is used for personal or commercial use, these ten tips will help you to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Here are our staff’s top ten tips for keeping your vehicle healthy:

Top tip #1
This is one of the first things our staff check: The oil. There is nothing more crucial for an engine than the oil. It is important to change the oil and the filter as and when the use of the vehicle demands, because if you don’t do so, it can severely affect the engine’s longevity. If you use your vehicle a lot for work, your oil change and filter change is going to be more frequent than say, someone who uses their car once a week for the grocery shopping. Be mindful of this.

Top tip #2
Remember to check the different oils in your vehicle, as well as the engine oil. Changing the transmission oil is based on your vehicle's usage, much the same as it is with the engine oil, so it’s vital that you keep on top of your usage with regular checks.

Top tip #3
It is just as important to check your cooling system, and to change the coolant as the use of your vehicle requires. To keep the cooling system in good order, our staff suggest a half and half mix of coolant and water. A coolant with a corrosion inhibitor added will prevent possible corrosion from building up within your vehicle's cooling system, as well.

Top tip #4
Lubrication can aid all parts of your vehicle, and this can be an overlooked part of car maintenance, so try to keep your moving parts oiled up.

Top tip #5
Try to remember to clean the underside of your car, as dirt and grime can unfortunately get lodged underneath. This can have an impact on the smooth running of your vehicle.

Top tip #6
To prevent the exterior from getting rusty, and to prevent the loss of shine and luster from your vehicle, ensure that you regularly apply a quality layer of wax to your vehicle.

Top tip #7
Check your tires (and spare tyre as well) to ensure that they’re pumped up and in good condition without uneven wear and tear. This will make for a safer car and safer passengers!

Top tip #8
Maintaining your wheel bearings will prolong the life of your vehicle. Our staff recommend inspecting and cleaning them in relation to your service intervals, as well as making sure your bearings are well lubricated will aid the successful running of your car.

Top tip #9
Another good tip to prevent any exterior maintenance to your vehicle is being considerate of where you park your car. Parking the vehicle in shady spots, and making sure it isn’t positioned under trees for any prolonged period of time, will help to prevent any paint work flaws or scratches.

Top tip #10
Invest in quality fluids, lubes and oils, as this will pay off in the long run. Cheap products can often leave residue in parts of the vehicle and may cause a build up which can impede the running of your car. Spend a little more initially to save a lot in the long run!
Our staff at 1800-My Mechanic want to reduce any discomfort experienced by having a problem with your vehicle, which is why we hope these tips help. For further information about our services, contact us on 1800 696 324.

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