Pre Purchase Inspections

Check before you buy

Peace of mind

It’s always a worry, buying a used car, and getting pre purchase inspections can be tricky. Often, you have to take the car into a local garage, and it can take a lot of time out of both seller and buyers day. It can also be a big hassle, which can delay the sale of the vehicle.

However, buying a vehicle without a pre purchase inspection carries a whole host of risks. You may have found the perfect car on the outside, but how well does it work on the inside. Have there been any quick fixes? Are there any problems you should know about? A car is a big purchase, whether it’s a domestic or commercial vehicle, and there could be big problems if you’ve shelled out a ton of cash of a car that promises the world, only for it to need extensive repairs later down the line.

The best solution in this case would be to enlist the services of a mobile mechanic from 1800-My Mechanic. The mechanic will attend to the car, carrying out a full inspection at a time and location to suit you, and will fill out the pre purchase inspection in full, leaving both you and the car seller in no doubt about whether the car is worth the price. There really is no better way to work this out. It’s quick, efficient and leaves both buyer and seller knowing exactly where they stand. If there are any repairs that need doing, the mobile mechanic might be able to do them straight away, as all out mechanics carry around a wealth of different parts, so this could save time and money getting the car to a garage this way too.

In short, if you want a pre purchase inspection that will make buying and selling cars much easier, then 1800-My Mechanic is the best option. With highly qualified mechanics, trained to the highest standards, a great response rate and customer service that is second to none, we make it easy to carry out any pre purchase inspection you need.