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If you need a safety certificate for your vehicle, it can be quite a pain. When it comes to ringing around to book your vehicle in, you may have trouble getting a slot to suit you, and you may not even be able to find a local garage that has any spaces. Start having to travel further afield and you’ll be adding more costs to the process, and in this day and age, who wants to do that?

However, you do need to get safety certificates for your vehicle, to confirm that it is roadworthy, otherwise you could get into an awful lot of trouble.  So what’s the solution? Have you thought of employing the services of a mobile mechanic from 1800-My Mechanic to attend to your vehicle at a place of your choosing to complete the assessment and hand you that much-desired safety certificate?

The benefits of going for a mobile mechanic to do your safety inspection are vast, but here are just a few:

Less Hassle

Arranging with a garage to take your car in means that you not only have to take time off to get there, you have to wait around whilst the inspection is done. Sometimes at a busy garage, this can be delayed meaning you take more time out of your day than you absolutely have to, which can be a real hassle. With 1800-My Mechanic, we can come to you, at a time to suit you to inspect your vehicle, and then hand over the certificate when the inspection has been deemed successful.

Lower Cost

It’s not just the cost of the actual service that is to be taken into account. You have the cost of taking time off work, and the higher overheads that a garage will have over a mobile mechanic. At 1800-My Mechanic, we keep costs low and are able to pass those costs over to you, the customer. Everyone’s a winner.

If you need one or several vehicle safety certificates and want to take advantage of the benefits a mobile mechanic can have, then call 1800-My Mechanic today, and we’ll take the hassle out of getting your Safety Certificate.